Meal trains at life's journey

One of the beautiful things about a Christian community is that we never have to walk through difficult things alone. One easy way we can support each other is to provide meals during times of transition or difficulty (births, deaths, sickness, etc). If you have somebody you would like to provide a meal train for, please contact Amanda Ross.

Current meal trains

  • THe Lindsey Family - through february 21

    Adelyn Snow Lindsey is home! Matt and Heather are pleased to announce the arrival of their daughter, Adelyn. Chloe is loving her new role as Big Sister. Thank you for sharing their joy by preparing meals for them. This will give them that extra time to just be with each other and bond.

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  • The faircloth family - through february 22

    Stosha Faircloth is having surgery on Thursday, February 7. She will be on a strict diet for two weeks as she  recovers, so we are providing dinners for Chloe, Lydia, Aiden and McKenzie. The kids have no dietary restrictions and are not picky.