Life’s Journey Church embraces the strict responsibility of adhering to the laws of the government God has put us under as long as they do not violate or dishonor the laws of God, our creator and sustainer of life. We will not violate the created order of God or His Holy Scriptures in what He has clearly stated is the sanctity of marriage, which is one man and one woman, to model God’s love to one another in covenant love and sacrifice.

We will not redefine what God has put in place through His Word, nor will we perform any ceremony contrary to what God has defined as marriage. This would be counter to His nature and character. Therefore, the ministers of Life’s Journey Church will only perform, acknowledge or adhere to marriage ceremonies as stated in the Holy Scriptures. We are accountable to a much higher court than that of the Supreme Court and the opinions of mankind. We hold to the standard of God, who has not changed nor will He ever change. Our standard, our truth, is the same today as He has been in the past and as He will be in the future. We ask that you honor our decision and us as we continue to love and reach out to the people God places in our path through a God-honoring relationship.

Finally, the facilities of Life’s Journey will be used in respect and honor of God and what He has stated through His word. Only ceremonies that are in line with the biblical standard of marriage (stated above) will be performed, and those preforming the ceremonies will adhere to these beliefs as well. Alcohol is not permitted on the premises of Life's Journey.

Requesting Ministers to Officiate Wedding

We believe that marriage is a mirror of Christ’s love for His bride, the church. We believe any couple who asks the ministers of Life’s Journey to officiate their wedding intends for God to bless their marriage as He sees fit. Furthermore, the responsibility lies on the couple to live in a manner that would warrant God to bless their marriage so the couple and minister may stand in good conscience before God and the witnesses present. Because some couples may not be aware of what God has called us to with respect to them, and to eliminate any embarrassing moments, we have spelled out the call of God on us to walk in a God-honoring, God-focused wedding ceremony and marriage.

Responsibilities of the Couple

It is our hope that the couple who is requesting to be married is moving in this direction because they desire for the Lord to bless their marriage. If this is the concern of their heart then we believe it is important that they should be living in honor towards Christ in the following ways:

  • The couple should not be living together. If they are living together, we ask that they would agree to cease living together until marriage.
  • The couple is not sexually active. If they are, that they would cease until marriage and depend on the Lord for the self-control that only He is able to give.
  • The couple is walking in honor before God, parents/guardians and the church. If this is in question, we ask that the couple would seek guidance and a submissive spirit to reconcile differences.
  • The couple will fulfill the five pre-marital counseling sessions and more if necessary.
  • The couple would be encouraged to know and desire the depths of the marriage covenant.

We in no way are looking to control any individual or couple desiring to be married, but as they continue to seek the Lord, we pray they will desire to walk in honor before Him and His bride, the body of Christ. 

Pre-Marital Counseling, facilities, and Minister’s Fees

Keith Miller, pastor/counselor

Pre-Marital Counseling (Five sessions) // $200.00 (any additional sessions before marriage are free)

Minister Fees // $100 (includes rehearsal and wedding date)

Wedding Coordinator Fees // Rehearsal and wedding fee // $150. Reception or other additional hours: $25/hour (2 hour minimum). 

Tech for wedding // $25/hour (2 hour minimum for wedding and rehearsal (if needed))

Custodial Fee // $100