Try a Zoom Meeting at your regular Life Group meeting time. 

Click HERE to set one up. 

Try an online devotional together through the YouVersion app. Choose a plan, click start, click start with friends and add your group! It give you daily devotionals and allows you to communicate your thoughts to each other about the lesson. 

You can learn more about YouVersion HERE but to do the devotionals, you will need to download the app on your phone. 


Keep up with weekly sermons and messages HERE

Watch videos, read, and listen to encouraging material to rid anxiety, brighten this time of distancing , and learn.  Click HERE to access RightNow Media.


Pick up a meal from local businesses. Below are some businesses with connections to Life's Journey but there are plenty of small businesses in Huntsville! Maybe try something new for the family.

- Graves Grocery

- Cyn Shea's Cafe

- Piper & Leaf Tea Company

Donate to organizations supporting those in need of food, support, or are out of work and organizations conducting research to combat the virus. 

- Food for Healthcare Workers

- Community Crisis Relief Fund

- American Red Cross

- Tea & Coffee for Healthcare Workers

- World Health Organization

Send an encouraging message to a friend, family member, or someone who might need to hear that they are not alone.