how we serve huntsville

We focus on 3 things:

  • Building Relationships // We want to build friendships with anyone and everyone in Huntsville and be people that our city can count on, day or night.
  • Helping with Education // The heart of any community is its education. We focus on improving school facilities, building relationships with school administrators and teachers, and mentoring students. 


*Huntsville Inner City Learning Center

*McDonnell School (contact Dustin for details)

*Kisoro Kids

  • Serving the Community // There are lots of examples of how we tangibly serve Huntsville through our Life Groups:

-Raking leaves

-Mowing yards

-Helping at Manna House

-Cleaning bathrooms in area restaurants

-Cleaning the mall food court

-Growing community gardens

-Gatorade, popsicle, and water giveaways in the summer

-Coffee and hot chocolate giveaways in the winter

-Food-giveaways for single mothers

-Oil changes for single mothers

-Free gift wrapping at Christmas

-Dorm cleaning on college campuses


And the best part? Anyone can join us in helping our city. Got any ideas on how we can better serve Huntsville? Contact pastor Dustin, he would love to hear your thoughts!