how we serve our city

  • Proclaiming the Gospel // Our service to our city always begins with the Good News of Jesus. 
  • Helping with Education // A critical element of any community is its education. We focus on improving school facilities, serving school administrators and teachers, and mentoring students.


*Huntsville Inner City Learning Center

*McDonnell School (contact Dustin for details)

*Lincoln Village

  • Serving the Community // We partner locally with River of Life Ministries, who provides multiple services for the community.

There are also lots of opportunities to tangibly serve Huntsville through our Life Group ministry:

-Raking leaves

-Mowing yards

-Serving at Manna House

-Cleaning bathrooms in area restaurants

-Cleaning the mall food court

-Growing community gardens

-Gatorade, popsicle, and water giveaways in the summer

-Coffee and hot chocolate giveaways in the winter

-Food-giveaways for single mothers

-Oil changes for single mothers

-Free gift wrapping at Christmas

-Dorm cleaning on college campuses


how we serve the world

Kisoro, Uganda

Imagine going to a school with dirt floors, a leaky roof, no desks, and no books, with little hope to escape extreme poverty if you cannot pass 7th grade.

This is a reality for many kids in Kisoro, Uganda. 

We work to help these children. And YOU can help too! You can easily partner with us to lift families out of poverty and provide the education children need by clicking HERE.