we love your kids!!

We love your kids so much, we want them to follow Christ their whole lives, not just while they're young. A startling study by Steve Parr and Tom Crites revealed that children who attend church regularly, but are separated from their parents during worship, are 38% more likely to leave the faith as young adults than children who worship with their parents (Why They Stray, pp. 88). Studies by the Fuller Youth Institute show similar results.

Could this be why the Bible doesn't separate kids out from adults? The authors of Scripture just assume children are present during corporate worship (Eph. 6:1; Col. 3:20; Deut. 31:11-13; Josh. 8:35; Neh. 8:1-2; etc.).

Although we don't solely draw our doctrine from the descriptive practices in the Bible, we think it's beautiful to see children with their parents at the teaching of God’s Word throughout Scripture. It's also significant to note that this has been the practice for almost all of church history.

For these reasons, LJC practices intergenerational worship during Sunday services.

What Does That Look Like?

There are fun and safe classrooms for ages 0-2 and ages 3-6 during Sunday worship. Kids age 7 and up join their parents in worship and are each given a sanitary "worship packet" that includes toys and an age-appropriate coloring lesson that matches the sermon.

What About the Rest of the Week?

Throughout the year we plan multiple big events and go on fun trips with our LJC kids! 

Also, we give parents every possible resource and guidance they need to disciple their children at home. God desires heads of households, like good shepherds, to lead their families in the way of the Lord (Deut. 11:19; Josh. 24:15; Gen. 18:19). We do whatever we can to make that easy for parents.